Monday, October 16, 2006

Jari OS introduction

How I wrote later, I don't like anything from the existing operating system.
There are no innovations on theirs.
So, you can tells to everybody that all is sucks, but do nothing - it's a not a good way to make a better something that sucks for your opinion.
Otherwise, I decide to realize a better look to the operating systems wide in the my research project called "Jari".
Jari is an OS that will contains a new way of kernels, servers set, system libs, core utils and C compiler, maybe if the project will have a success it will be contain a Lisp compiler and most of the libs and users program will be written on it, but it's a long future plans.
Now I'm working with my friend on the kernel and servers.
Kernel has a three rings - the kernel space, the servers space and the user space levels, it's a not a microkernel in the basic opinion, it's a advanced microkernel model.
In the Jari we're have a abstraction atom - is a file, server is a file, cpu is a file etc , but it's not looks like a standart UNIX paradigm, in the Jari we're have an advanced VFS, in example not on all unixes we're have a VFS.
So, just imaginate - on the Jari we're have an exec() on the VFS.
Another thing - we're don't have a big and hard API for intercommunicating with kernel or server, this is a protocol tasks (it's called JP(Jari Protocol)). In example - for running process A on the friend node B you just need to make a frame of the protocol and all. Yes, here we're have a not so light caching and buffering mechanism, but it's a not so hard - in the Jari we're use a development model that mean - "each of the system makes a small task, but many system does a big task" ie each of the kernel part makes a simple task, but all the kernel do any tasks by each of other system.
And in addition, I'm developing now a new filesystem for supporting all the Jari paradigms, but generally we're separate a task ie fs doesn't makes a things on the IPC object or anything other.

To be continued ...