Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Operating Systems: Crisis or reburning ?

Many people told me about good sides of the different OSes, but I'm don't find something new and ready-for-use innovation features in the OSes.
All unixes family has an old philosophy that doesn't support and can't support a good cluster technology. There are a problem of the architecture limits. Developers said -"Hey, we must to do threads it's a good and fast", but nobody from theirs all don't think that threads cannot migrate between nodes in example. Theirs don't thinks about flexibility in generally.
Yes, now I talking about kernels, take a look for the linux kernel, it's a huge trash of the infinite features. They includes a buggy source code for features, *bsd otherwise, they don't include something new, but trying to make a sense of the security and stable features. But we don't have an innovations both in linux or *bsd.
The main reason is the really old architecture.
I'm don't speak about closed OSes such as Solaris or non-unix OS m$ windows - it's a deadly OSes without future.
So, I think that in the time we will see new concept of the kernels and OSes generally, but who ia ready fir this?


stassats said...

Do you want to write your own OS?

Supervisor said...

>Do you want to write your own OS?

yes, someday I will finished this works, I don't want to say that this will be a good and better than all OSes, but it has a new ideas and innovations, maybe somebody will be interested on it.

Stalwart said...

Solaris is open now