Monday, March 09, 2009

File systems on Jari OS

There was a great job on last two weeks. File subsystem are designed in Jari OS - since we have a system with separated services - libraries is a good approach to avoid a huge amount of code and errors with changes it.
Actually file subsystem is divided by several general parts:
  • VFSv2 service
  • set of libraries for each filesystem
I don't want to include all stuff for filesystem in one library, because it's a bad idea, for example tmpfs doesn't has backend to block device, pagecache, postponed calls and so on. But anyway this set of libraries can be completed by one, generic library that should be included to each file system - libv2.
In this case we're have the following list:
  • libv2 (general library)
  • libv2backend (backend to the block device layer)
  • libv2pgcache (page cache library)
  • libv2ppcall (library serves postponed calls)
Each file system architecture should determine what will be used, generally , regular file system will always use all set of libraries - i.e. it works with block device and use page cache in this case, and it will not replies immediately on all cases - it will have postponed calls list to reply.
For libv2 - there are nothing difference - it will always support everything on logic layer.
I can't see other solutions - our VFS service should be overloaded - and many calls going directly to file system service.
So, while implementation tmpfs and initfs - implementation hasn't any complexities.

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