Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My adventures.

Have you ever been in the adventure?
No, not in what is funny and stupid, simple and easy, but exciting, interesting and complex,which you would like to repeat, remember the adrenaline rush and the battle with elements.
I have a one type of this adventures: is a kayak travels, not on wild water, not for one day.
Imagine, close your eyes and imagine.
Wind is a storm wind and rain goes to your face, waves is a large long and high waves, noise of the breaking waves on the rocks is loud, splashes is around you.
You sit in a 5-meters narrow vessel less than one meter at its widest point, you have a paddle in your hands. Wave when turning ridge lean on you, it doused your kayak, it broken and you apply bank, sometimes when you pass to proceed from the ridge. Waves put you and fell on the stones.
Rudder pedal is turned completely to the end is the only way get to keep the right direction, paddle and your hands are ready for very quick movements.
Periodically nose kayak sinks a wave, you enter between the waves from times to times and you watch as you moves two meters of water column. Adrenaline are released in the blood, and you don't feel a cold around the cold water and wind, you amused danger. You can suddenly capsized and drowned in the waves, if you not alienate from the crest of a wave when time is not consistent, or if you do not stand up under the right degree of wave.
There is a chance that you will inflict on the rocks and broken on them, if you lost control and come close to a coast. Yes, this is an adventure, and it amused you. There is a situation and there is a possibility.
After the storm you will come out of the kayak and drink some alcohol with your friends, who also received a storm with you. And ... you will laugh, and you will have the desire to once again pass a storm.
These impressions for a long time will stay in your memory, you will remember your struggle with the waves and wind.
When you will sit in a warm house, thinking about current problems, you will want to come back again, to drop everything and go back to adventure again.
Fighting in the bustle of the city should not stay in the brain, it kills creativity, it don't makes a sense.
However, you choose between the warm beaches with sun loungers and cocktails, and real adventure.
I sometimes think that is more important, the first or second hobby, and always understand that my hobbies is all that I have, and theirs all important.

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