Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The venture should always have a logical end.

Recent months have become a complete disappointment in my life, but my life is not so interesting, by the way my life has a feedback to my projects.
I'm a little upset, to be honest, I'm defeated with project development, and mostly with it goals.
I'm afraid that it will be not so possible to complete the Jari OS as a platform, but the hope remains.
I have a look at the project from the other side, from the side of engineer need to choose a base platform for the final solution. Jari OS isn't ready, and will not ready for several years (I don't think that good news happens) and it's very sad. Anyway, I'm learn again and I have a couple of real problems in the design architecture, management and so on, I know - there are many stuff written and works now. I cannot told that the project failed in case of it's basics concepts or other more deeper reasons, and I cannot told that project is succeful - this venture project hasn't a logical end, but it should has.
Well, I decide reorganize my works on the project and try to give a new life to Jari OS as soon as it possible.
First, I will write a documentation about platform, fix a design and so on.
Second, I will try to have a wide view of the future requirements.

When Jari OS will finished (it might be fail, might be not) - this will be the logic end of the venture, if it will has a continue - it will became a serious project.

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