Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Jari OS progress stalled?

Generally not. But I didn't made the planned things yet.
Well, I will try to explain why.
First reason - I spent about one year with development/research/testing and investigation about IDL design that might be used system-wide. It was a wrong way, however Jari OS has IDL now.
Second reason - Developers lost an interest, I've tried to find new mad ones, but success was not follow me.
Third reason - I spent a lot of time with other activity, such as non-IT hobbies, contract-job in Nokia and other things.
However, it was a break in Jari OS development, I was need to take a big vacation with my position in Jari OS.
Now it's time to have a hard work on project, for the past two years a lot of good ideas accumulated and it's time to implement many of them.
Also, there are few applications found which can be powered by the project.
Well, see you later.

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