Monday, October 01, 2007

New directions, new profile, new ideas

Jari development has a new targets in development. The first of all we're decided to move our dev/hours to the exiting GNU mach microkernel and implement our ideas based on it. This decision based on the real time needs via the following points :
- there are many trivial task thats simply takes the time on its
- there are already exiting code base that can be used for Jari ideas
- there are no time to create a newly microkernel from scratch
The possible ways may be different and depends on the development flow in the time.
I don't know yet if we will takes the GNU Hurd servers to modify and extend, but you can be sure we will split Jari ikernel and Jari EZA code base with the GNU Mach code base.
With this objectivies I hope that we will ran in the early dates.
Now, I've planned to get Jari run on the third decade of the 2009 with the minimal drivers set, libc, CLI and varios utilities.
Look out this blog for further details in the future.

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