Friday, December 28, 2007

Following to the Web 2.0 idiotism or more fun with web

Do you need web ? Speaking more - do you need web 2.0 ?
No, I don't, but anyway in any cases of your open source development you need in the web, because it's a communicate point - where you can exchange some ideas/source code or other related stuff for your project.
Exiting web servers are too feature overloaded or doesn't contain any features in your need. Also, you need CMS for your stuff - and most of them request from you apache, php, mysql, set of the many many libs ... And in the final phase you have an overloaded web server with there things, but you don't get that you want.
The new try_to_run project is a redleaf - is a simple and small web server (already implemented) and a big set of modules targeted to the developers need. It includes the configurable CMS, small toys set - like C source code to html with highlighting converting and many other.
You know already about monsters like - yeah, now I'm working on the concept of the solution to make responsible for developers install and run the web software to get done.
Currently, this project on the development stage, and httpd works already with all needed stuff and features.
Why I need to do this ? So, it's just my fun like my old projects that was run, some of theirs working in the present days - like xneur - it was fun too ;)

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