Thursday, July 31, 2008

ReadLeaf: research pane

Today, how I've wrote later, readleaf 0.1 was released and finished lazy stage - now it's a platform for research and implementation.
Both, MuiString and ReadLeaf has a one general idea, but MuiString is more deeper in implementation and some decisions need to be tested on other layer - quick and fast before this innovation will be implemented within MuiString and Jari overally.
ReadLeaf is a good start point for this type of research, I will use new way in development primary here - in area of the project.
I'm too lazy for repeations - you can see the general overview here -
Currently already implemented:
  • redleafd
  • internal mm
  • basic research
Version 0.2 will be already with new features, now it's on the testing and development stage, but not so long from finish.

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