Friday, July 18, 2008

Redleaf: new plans and ways

As of redleafd 0.1beta release (now it can be used for some purposes with sure) I'm take an idea, I want to implement some features for my work - it's a time sharing, job statistics, projects states etc ...
I've decided to make it via web, yes, in case of public (but restricted use) using.
What the deal I'm talking about ?
There are a complete service for each one who cares and working on open-source project, scheduling community events, working time and want to make a proof of participating and real developer state.
For example - I have a many mails from people who wants me to take they like a developers to open source project, in the past I've including everybody, but there are no effect on this - nobody works, people was enlisted and nothing else.
On real practice - I want to take a view to each of candidate to participate in project via this service. There are no service for it yet.
Also, there are a good thing for employer to avoid time loose with non right mans.
eh, you can told me about linkedin - linkedin is not really make a proof of your skills and jobs - it's suck.
So, it was a some non-technical introduction ...
I'm reserving 4-5 hours per week for redleaf, and I want to introduce technologies will used for this project:
  • - httpd - redleafd (small and fast)
  • - scheme_modula (module for the redleaf that suppose to run scheme code as quick as it possible)
  • - web ui software written on scheme
  • - parsing/collecting server side daemons on python || scheme (it depends on my research with libs)
In this case I will release in near time redleaf 0.1 (beta version can be found here - ), that will supports basic http stuff only.
After those I'm planning to reorganize architecture and rewrite some code, to support dynamic modules and so on for flexibility, the next stage will be a set of modules. After this stage I will implement scheme_modula and starts to write web ui and server side daemons.
In this case I'm need to anybody who knows any of the following - or all of this stuff:
  • - C and UNIX IPC
  • - Data structures and memory management techniques
  • - Scheme
  • - any of - cvs/git/svn/arch/etc ... on really good level
  • - Python
  • - html/css and optionally javascript
  • - Gimp and some creative techniques for image/icons creating
Benefits you will get working on this project: you can become famous (maybe, who knows?), you can update your skills on programming and especially on scheme programming - on real practice, you will have a short and cool name for imap account - and invitation to the newly created service ... hmm like authors.
I'm looking for you - contact me via jabber - tirra at

Thank you.

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