Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jari Operating System: reburned

I don't have a time to write more.
This is just a copy-paste from news feed:
After Jari was frozen for a many years, now Jari is wake up and preparing to work, for a hard work.
Jari Operating System will be a not microkernel/hybrid based system, otherwise it will use an exokernel, that developing separately. It's mean that Jari Operating System is a set of user-space drivers, network libs, libOS, libc and so on. It's a top level of a exokernel.
While exokernel under extreme development stage and not all syscalls are well defined, this project will wait for this and will temproary suspended (for several weeks or one month, it cannot be determined now). After those userspace wrappers will be implemented and user-space development begins.
After core libs are well tested and exokernel will be done this all will be ported to it.
In case of exokernel Jari changing default architecture to amd64 (not x86_64, just amd64 in case of its specific hardware features), but Jari portable, and all depends on exokernel ports.
So, I will present an exokernel -> http://mstring.jarios.org , it's called MuiString (greek mui at the begging) that shows it's small size, and string just a mode for kernel flexibility and atomicity (you know about string theory).
Generally it mean that Jari found a kernel to base on, ... it was a
long search ...

Also I want to introduce a new Jari OS homesite - http://jarios.org, you can find a lot of
information there.


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