Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jari Operating System: small steps

I want to make an announcement of development steps.
First of all is a really progress on microkernel (http://mstring.jarios.org) - there are many features implemented:
- memory management (O(1) allocator)
- interrupts handling for uspace
- memory i/o for uspace
- ioports for uspace
- realtime scheduler
- running static ELF binaries that loaded from GNU grub
- Fast IPC (sync ports)
Actually muistring allow to write userspace drivers and subsystems now, but some things not done yet.
Uspace (Jari) is developing now and some things works:
- nameserver
- terminals server
- text VGA driver
- keyboard driver
- syslibs (libos, libc, liballoc)
Some later I will post link to showcase.
More information here - http://jarios.org

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