Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jari OS going to be a completely OS

My last task in Jari OS project was symlinks supports, now I'm working on postponed logic in libv2 (general library for file system services).
I cannot be on track in changes ;) Now project has a POSIX, fork(), execve(), file systems, initial networking support.
On background I'm porting GNU coreutils to Jari OS, progress going fast, I think that alpha release will has many interesting stuff.
To be a fully featured OS not so many features need, our ext2fs support and IDE drivers are 80% completed.
I think that year of active development that will finished on 1-sep-2009 will made a first beta version with few drivers and networking support.
Now prject has one network device support (e1000) and Jari OS host (network service) replies on ICMP requests.
What about ELF support, now we're working on dynamic libraries support - it coming soon, currently only static ones supported.
Files i/o is ready, but maybe some functions (not often used ones) doesn't works properly. To make a fully featured shell pipes requered, and I'm working on it now.
I'm planning to implement shared memory fs and POSIX functions for it, in addition I will add Jari OS specific API for this, - for some internal purposes, for GIX(GUI service of Jari) like example.
After alpha release (1-jun-2009) I will take time for GIX implementation. Also - there are many porting tasks.
I hope community of open-source developers will be interested in new microkernel OS - it's a good field for research, development and it's good to take skills up-to-date.

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