Saturday, May 09, 2009

SDK tools for OS development

New ideas came to my head, all about operating system features and development.

On last friday I decide to make some modifications on autotools stuff in GNU sed and try to compile it with Jari OS libc headers and functions. Yep - it's works! This means that our libc is ready for most of cases, many of them working now. This event gave me some new ideas about development tools for Jari OS: firstly I will port GNU gcc to Jari OS (I mean, that gcc will handle our ld scripts and libraries right, without many keys and other things), secondly I will construct SDK template (already done, but not publicied yet).
Also, to have a better support and big community additional feature needed - IDL integrated to SDK. Well, it's mean - that you have set of the templates for each type of service i.e. block device driver library, char device driver, file system and so on ...
In most cases you shouldn't known about specific internal things of system libraries, also you shouldn't care about interface changes (headers renaming, new functions, new order of calls and so on). This feature will generate libraries specific code in compile time and link your specific implementation. I.e. what will be written one time - will live all time ;)
For this feature it's better to use scheme (for templates, configs and other stuff) and some core of this will be written traditionally on C.

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