Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My new kayak - seayak

On june I've bought a new kayak, manufacturer wrote in his list of products that this is a seayak type.
Well, like my double seat kayak it's a folding boat. I like folding kayaks in case of their mobility and storing place.
At current moment I've already made a two tests - is a two cycles of build, and yes - it's a on-water test.
Firstly I will give a more information about seayak:
Length: 4.9 meters
Weight: 22 kg
Frames: 4
Shipped with steering.
First built was taken up to 3 hours! And it's typically for new folding kayaks from triton ltd.
On first contruction I've broken one of the details and I was need to make an ugly hack that I've showed on image below:
Manufacturer has changed this detail for free via guarantee.
All construction set are typically , excluding head profile - it looks like on seayaks.
Second construction goes well and takes up to 1 hour and 10 minutes (via kayak manual it should take 62 minutes).
Letters with name of kayak model was removed and I think about new, original name for this boat.
Like a good design it has on-top stuff for small things, gps and other useful things on water (pack for cigarets or tobacco pipe ;) )
Generally it's a good model - it has a good on water performance, not so hard to build (not on first construction process;) ), good profile (I've tested it on big open water with big waves).
Now I'm thinking about new name ... and some modification - I want to add new on top fixtures for other things.
Other photos you can look here and here.

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