Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Decomposing big project, separating is better

You can find more information on the link in the post title.
Overally, following to the general idea - "separate all works and job to smaller ones" I decide to run microkernel separatly - like independed project.
This intended to be more effective, for example - currently I have EZA layer working for 60% (not so stable) and this was made after reorganization of the microkernel structure - and this just for less then 10 hours of normal works on the problem.
MString (MuiString) - is a name for Jari microkernel - and it's a new tag on this blog ;)
Now I'm thinking on diferent than C/Cext language for server space - it's a big flame, but I'm thinking that fully functional languages or partly functional is better than typical imperativies ones. Anyway, microkernel must be implemented on plain C - it's more comfortable language.

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