Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MuiString introduction

Ok, I've told many information about Jari and so on ... But it was just a buzz words.
Now I want to present MuiString (mstring) microkernel project.
What is done?
- base structure
- low level stuff
How much time it will takes ? How long will I told about it without microkernel on legs ? Hm, so I think that this times ends in case of microkernel progress.

I promise to write more technical things here and ... look for links below -
MuiString homepage - http://mstring.berlios.de
MuiString wiki - http://mstring.berlios.de/wiki
I have a memory manager and core of scheduler in my sandbox, it's under testing and preparing to be committed to the general CVS repository.
Look for my messages here soon.


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