Monday, June 23, 2008

Using Gnome ?! really with modifications ...

I'm using Gnome 2.xx in case of some features that I need.
The first, if you know, network-manager knows about many specifics of many Wi-Fi modules tricks, for example for my RaLink card (that cannot be changed in my notebook) - it's needed to be downed and after this up with new network settings. So, I'm using many wireless networks (office, pubs, train stations, passenger terminals, ...) - but other network managers can't operates with my card, doing many stuff manually isn't sounds good for me - I'm lazy...
If you are using Gnome you know the base minus of it - it's a default window manager - metacity, this wm cannot remember anything about windows position, size and other varios attributes.
Also, on other side there are tiled window managers, but its takes many time to make a sense on configs and features.
The better way is to use my old friend - Window Maker wm, there are simple setting up, and it has many look and features that can be offered in tiled managers.
It can be looks like on my screenshot - Free Image Hosting at


So, but Gnome feature - changing window manager is deprecated and all settings made over a gconf was failed. Solution was found - I've create ~/.gnomerc file and add the following line -
export WINDOW_MANAGER=wmaker
This line helps for it.
Also you can change some things like abort nautilus loading etc ... It will safe your memory and will turn off features for idiots.


cvv said...

Use Gnome after replacing WM to wmaker is good idea ...

How about twm or E17?

Supervisor said...

twm ... hm - I'm lazy, e17 is too overloaded and not usable as I know.

But anyway - you can choose your better one for you ;)

Wmaker has a long history and very stable.

Anonymous said...

Well written article.