Friday, June 27, 2008

Protest award domain name nativization from ICANN

So, there are bad news, no ICANN supports 'internalization' of domain names, now it's a possible to register a domain with your native language.
Due to many reasons - I decide to apply a protest for it - it's nothing, but maybe you will be participate on this.
And so on - I'll not post anything on languages differs from english, no jabber/blog/boards/sms/emails messages on non english from tomorrow !
I don't want to make a freedom to spooffing and idiotic things.

Participate if it possible.

I can feel your skeptics looks, yes - I'm just man and I don't have a voice in ICANN, but assume if there are many people like me? You know - world is small ;) And there are just time need ... and this protest will be effective. But anyway, if you will do nothing with it, in future with idiotic domains you will told yourself - "fuck'em up, I don't participate in protest, maybe my voice can be useful at there times ... shit shit shit" - feeling difference - take a voice, participate in this protest, control your life!

If you will participate, please comment here - thank you!


Stalwart said...


I'm pretty sure i don't want to switch through 8 keyboard layouts including japanese and arabic just to visit some vacuum cleaner webshop.

Svyatogor said...

bloody hell! before you "apply" any "protest", learn to speak English!

Supervisor said...

hm, sounds like on slashdot situation, when somebody cannot reply with any kind of argumentation he starts to make comments about grammar or other errors ;)

I agree that my english is worse, but it's more technically, not speaking, anyway - my english knowledge allows me to understand and talk on english.

Svyatogor said...

understand - maybe. BE understood hardly.

your protest is sooo wired that it's hard to make comments to the point. all I want to ask is why domains spelled with latin alphabet are ok and spelled with any other - bad. why someone in Russia, China, japan should write and, more importantly REMEMBER a name written with those funny latin characters?

if a the website is intended for international auditory - fair enough, they can register latin-based name, but most sites are intended for native speakers only.

Supervisor said...

I'm speaking on english with non-native english speaking too (finnish, swedish, czech, polish, etc ...) - and generally all is ok.

Let's discuss the problem, not my person - is it ok? ;)

There are many technical problems with non-ASCII based domains names, the first -
look at this one - http://pа - and this one -
the second - assume software changes ...
If you intended to software development you must know that any changes to software must be tested, fixed - it's a long process, you know.
Add there human's "side effect" and you will got chaos.

Павел Вязовой said...

Russian is my native language but i agree with you.

Павел Вязовой said...

Sorry, i must clarify that i agree with you only that not to be a national domain names. I continue to write in my native language.

//Sorry for my english.